Executive Team



Nancy Abraham, President

Ms Abraham is President of Trio Advisors, an investment management firm. Prior to this, she was an executive at Lehman Bothers and Union Bank of Switzerland. A lawyer by trade, Ms Abraham also practiced law at the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell in New York. She received a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and a law degree with honors from Columbia Law School.

Her heart has always belonged to animals of all sorts and her passion has always been wildlife conservation. After serving on boards of various large international conservation organizations, she founded the Abraham Foundation to advance wildlife protection worldwide. Her accomplishments over the years includes protecting all kinds of wildlife, securing critical habitats for wild animals, helping marginalized communities, bestowing awards and recognition upon individuals who have done exceptional things for conservation and much more.


Kathleen schlemmer, Executive director

Kathleen Schlemmer has worked for Nancy Abraham and the Abraham Foundation in various capacities since 2004 and was thrilled to be named Executive Director in February 2015. Kathleen’s work with animals began as a volunteer at the San Francisco Zoo with the Nature Trail Program. She earned a bachelor’s degree in theater at Whitman College and studied theology at St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland. She is delighted to be in a position to help so many brilliant, dedicated conservationists and activists with their invaluable work at a grassroots level.