Pete's Mission



In Thailand, sick and injured animals roam the streets. Breeding goes mostly unchecked, especially in rural areas. No one likes to see this, but few have the means to take action. Many of the animals have skin infections, eye conditions, gaping wounds, fleas and ticks, bone fractures, and diseases that lead to painful deaths. Most horrifying are human inflicted injuries and poisonings.

Pete's Mission works with the local community in Pai (which is in northern Thailand) to provide health care, sanctuary, and rehabilitation to the street animals of Pai. No sick or injured animal is turned away.

Pete's Mission is a small operation, and they welcome volunteers to be part of the work they do in Pai, whether it be walking, cleaning, bathing, building, transporting, reorganizing or just socializing and building good feeling with the creatures in their care. 

Learn more about Pete's Mission and the ways you can help at Pete's Mission.

Photos and content courtesy of Pete's Mission.