Abraham Foundation Awards - Nepal

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Tseten Dandu Sherpa

He successfully led the Kangchenjunga Conservation Area Management Council and effectively implemented integrated biodiversity conservation and development projects in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area after the handover of KCA management to the local community. He also played a vital role in successfully implementing the Livestock Insurance Scheme, a novel way of conserving snow leopards in the Himalayas.


Bijay Raj Shrestha

He is a conservationist from his heart and has played pivotal role in nature conservation in and around Thapapur Village Development Committee. He owns the “Shrestha Private Forest” that houses several birds and animals along with a “Dolphin Conservation Centre”.


Akhanda Upadhyay

He is the president of the Eco Club at his school in Dunai, is a passionate young conservationist. Together with his friends, Akhanda has rescued several wildlife species. Despite lack of resources and hard physical terrain, Akhanda motivates the Eco Club to participate in many important activities that has succeeded in winning the participation of local communities.


Devendra Subedi

He sped up actions against illegal traders of wildlife parts and formed a small team to look into the wildlife crimes in Kathmandu. Within a short span of time he has achieved good results of seizing tiger and leopard skins, shahtoosh shawls and musk pods and arrested eight persons involved in such illegal activities. Samaj Kalyan Women User Group is the most active user group among the 227 buffer zone user groups functioning in Bardia National Park and its buffer zone areas. The group members patrol on regular basis in the border of the national park. They played a vital role in controlling the illegal activities in and around BNP during the insurgency.


Mathew Preece and Yeshi Lama, The Young Conservation Leader Award, Karma Bhutia

Has pioneered medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) cultivation in eastern Nepal. By developing improved techniques he has motivated 2,500 farmers and herders to grow MAPs in private land that has reduced pressure on wild non timber forest products, reduced herd sizes reducing pressure on grazing areas and provided a sustainable income source to the farmers.


Subodh Gautam, Senior Reporter with Kantipur

WWF Media Conservation Award winner.


ECO-Nepal, Samaj Kalyan User Group, Neulapur

Primarily deals with the issues of environment protection, natural resources conservation, and spreading awareness on environment, sustainable development and disaster resilience. Through its monthly publication Paryawaran and Chetana – a radio programme, it raises awareness about these issues.